For Businesses And Corporations

In today’s world, deadly violence can occur anywhere, even at your place of employment. A family owned business is just as likely to experience a deadly attack as a corporation with hundreds of employees. Employers need to pro-actively adapt to today’s defensive living and protection needs for their employees. Adopting vetted and trained armed security can protect your people and property at your location.

You say, “That will cause my insurance to go up!”. It could cost you more in settlement payoffs to the families of victims of a shooting event if you don’t adequately prepare for an attack. OSDSS can come to your facility and train those you have chosen to protect, your most valuable assets, your employees. We can prepare you for defensive shooting and inform you of the ramifications after a tragic event. Are you prepared to deal and adapt to this event personally and publicly in today’s news media and criminal/civil legal system?


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