Training Courses

Civilian Training

The time has come for American citizens to have access to this unique defensive shooting training our military and law enforcement have had for years.  The need exists for you and yours’ to be prepared, trained, and survive a life-threatening confrontation or shooting event.  The training answers you need are available on our mobile Milo Laser Range Simulator when you experience the realistic and dramatic scenarios on our simulator that prepare you to survive as a victim and be victorious.

Church Security

The need for CHURCH SECURITY has been evolving since the end of last century. In today’s world here in America in the 21st century CHURCH SECURITY has been developing into a new profession and a vital defensive need for the safety of church leaders, employees, and members. We have seen that no church is infallible, no matter the size, or location. CHURCH SECURITY decreases the risk factors, deters an unknown number of potential violent incidents, but like any other preparation action, it will never be 100% protection.

Law Enforcement Training


Our Mobile MILO Pro Range Simulator is a must for the 21st century law enforcement officer training requirement. OSDSS MILO Training is incomparable to paper and steel target training, considering the visual, sound, reaction, and psychological realness uniform/security experience. OSDSS MILO Training uses Glocks modified with lasers. Shots are observed, recorded, timed, replayed, and in some scenarios shots are required in certain body areas. The perpetrator interacts physically and verbally to the students’ actions/inactions.


Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Use of Force Defensive Shooting Simulator Training

It is time for businesses and corporations to be pro-active and train to defend themselves, and not just wait for local law enforcement to arrive in 5-8 minutes if you are lucky. Some would consider that it is your moral obligation and your legal liability duty to protect your employees and customers onsite. Take that step and place those you feel are qualified physically and in “mind set”, on our Milo shooting simulator to prepare, train, and prevail in their protection responsibilities.