Law Enforcement / SRO Training

Our Milo simulator is here and ready for LEOs, church security teams, and civilians with 1,000 scenarios.

Our Mobile MILO Pro Range Simulator is a must for the 21st century law enforcement officer training requirement. OSDSS MILO Training is incomparable to paper and steel target training, considering the visual, sound, reaction, and psychological realness uniform/security experience.

OSDSS MILO Training uses Glocks modified with lasers. Shots are observed, recorded, timed, replayed, and in some scenarios shots are required in certain body areas.

The perpetrator interacts physically and verbally to the students’ actions/inactions.

Hundreds of on/off duty Officer/SRO/Security scenarios with last-second ending changes available, lasting from 30-60 seconds.

Debriefing after each scenario is essential for clarification on the options available in each situation.

Training on OSDSS MILO is so realistic the student forgets it is a training exercise. The student reacts, verbalizes, and performs automatically as if this experience is real.

If mistakes are made here in the OSDSS MILO Training, there is no life lost, no grand jury, no news media, no agency action needed, no criminal/civil ramifications, no job or family repercussions, no negative psychological results and worries, and no attorney fees.

LE/Security administrators must ask themselves “What is more expensive: OSDSS MILO Training or a wrong death civil suit settlement?” There are budgets, but there is no such thing as being overtrained in LE/Security in today’s world. One bad shooting/event can cost more than years of OSDSS MILO Training for your agency.


LE/Security Firearms Instructor can be onsite for agency policy verification.


We offer Law Enforcement Use of Force MILO Firearms Simulator Training POST Approved Certification, contact us today for more information!

MILO Skill Builders


  • Accuracy
  • Judgement
  • Target Identification
  • Confidence
  • Response Time

Skill builders can also be used to compete and to lower their stress factor.

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