The IMARKSMAN SIMULATOR is a unique new training defensive tool for citizens if faced with a violent human confrontation with or without weapons.  The IMARKSMAN is very simple and fast to set up and can be calibrated and available for use without special lighting.  The IMARKSMAN comes with target shooting set ups and over one-hundred scenarios for citizens.  Laser shots fired by clients are shown on the shot history slide.  These scenarios are short and fast duplicating life-threatening experiences that you hope you WILL NOT have someday.  IMARKSMAN has numerous commercial type targets that can be randomly chosen and even edited into different backgrounds that gives the client diversity in target shooting.  Soon we will be able to download a real-life civilian incident off the internet, copy and paste as your background, and set it up as if you are participating in it defensively.  The IMARKSMAN simulator truly makes you feel you are in the scenario experiencing the event in a realistic manner.