Civilian Training

The need now exists for you to prepare and train for life-threatening confrontations. Gain valuable training and experience on our Mobile MILO Range Pro Simulator, using real Glock 17s, modified with lasers. Hundreds of scenarios on a life-size screen help you increase your target identification and shoot more accurately. Each scenario puts you right in the moment — training you to recognize threats, react decisively, and decide whether or not to shoot.

Our debriefings are essential to help you recognize a threat and decide if you should get involved. Your number one priority in a human confrontation is to survive, so why not safely train and make your mistakes on a simulator?

For some people, it will even help them decide if they want to carry at all!

Remember: Your shooting event does not end when the last round leaves your gun barrel — it has just begun.


WARNING! Scenarios can trigger emotional distress for some shooters.


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MILO Skill Builders


  • Accuracy
  • Judgement
  • Target Identification
  • Confidence
  • Response Time

Skill builders can also be used to compete and to lower their stress factor.


  • You are not helpless!
  • Have an exit plan after a threat
  • You have a right to defend yourself or others to preserve life
  • Have a code word for family members
  • If you have a safe room, fortify the door so it can’t be easily broken in
  • For young children, have them memorize the address because they may have to be the one to call 911
  • Be careful about shooting through a door because it could be the police
  • Tell the intruder “You have a gun”, “You will shoot”, it could scare the intruder off
  • Put a security sign outside the house, big dog bowls, something to make someone think twice about breaking in your house
  • Police-strength pepper spray

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