The need for church security has been evolving since the end of last century. In today’s world, church security is a vital defensive need for the safety of church leaders and company employees. No church is infallible, no matter the size, or location. Church security decreases the risk factors and deters potential violent incidents. Exciting new defensive tools are being sought to assist in delivering the most up-to-date training experiences available. These tools are perfect for those warriors who make it their mission to protect those who want to worship.

The MILO Range Simulator offers users a multitude of hypothetical scenarios involving an armed attacker inside a church, including:

  • Having an attacker run at you with a knife
  • Having an attacker run at you with a gun
  • Having innocent bystanders in the room
  • Daytime and Nighttime settings

When it comes to preparation, where do you want to make your mistakes? In a sanctuary filled with hundreds of people, or in front of the MILO Range screen?


We offer Church Security Use of Force Firearms Certification, contact us today for more information!

Church Security Use of Force Certificate

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