Attorney coverage is essential for anyone owning or carrying a weapon (law enforcement officer, security, civilian).

In today’s world it is playing Russian roulette without this coverage.


Why: Criminal / Civil Ramifications

  • You are responsible for every round leaving your weapon in your hand or others
  • You can be right in your shooting event (not indicted / found not guilty) but still face federal charges and civil suits from others

Do you have $30,000-50,000 up front to retain a homicide attorney if involved in a homicide?

This coverage is economical and could save your financial future.

After over 45 years in law enforcement, U.S. Law Shield is my choice because of these reasons:

  • Covers criminal/civil cases
  • No caps/no deductible
  • Covers the use of any weapon
  • Add Hunter Shield, a Legal Defense for Hunters and Anglers in Missouri, for an additional $2.95/month and accidental shootings while hunting are also covered. For more information, visit HunterShield.com or call 1-877-474-7184. Know the state gun laws where you travel.
  • Most affordable (Starting at $10.95/month)
  • Nationwide
  • Experienced homicide attorneys on-call
  • Local seminars available

Sign up at uslawshield.com and use our promotion code: OZARKOSDSS