Make your company or private event memorable! Try This!

Ozark Shoot-Don’t Shoot Solutions, LLC is now offering a Milo Range Pro shooting simulator in a new rental DEMO program within 100 miles of Springfield, Missouri. Contracts are now being offered to rent our mobile Milo Range Pro shooting simulator accompanied by two instructors to set up, operate, and entertain your company employees or private gatherings providing a one of a kind and memorable experience. We offer a diverse assortment of over 900 shooting and action-packed scenarios. They include skill builders, range targets, and identification targets to test your skills of accuracy, identifying the target, and your response time. The most exciting and informative training experience can be had with our military, police, civilian real-life videos testing your ability to survive and defend against a violent attack with or without a weapon with you using a real modified weapon with a laser. This is achieved by your interaction by facing the scenario on a large screen within feet, weapon in hand, responding verbally and physically. This is nothing like a trip to your local gun range. In front of the Milo shooting simulator, you will feel the “induced stress” resulting from these impacting scenarios. This is what happens in a real event. Our debriefings after each scenario, if wanted, will educate you on the potential ramifications of your actions or non-actions taken. This can be a fun experience and or learning experience which could save your life someday if attacked. We also have non-lethal weapons such as tasers and pepper gas than can be used. We even have ZOMBIES for you to survive. All we need is at least a 20′ x 30′ room, the ability to darken the room for a short while, and we can turn your event into one like none other.

WARNING!-BE AWARE-You may have dreams or nightmares later.

Contact us with your needs and requirements to get a better idea on how to make your event the one your guests will always remember.

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Within 50 miles of Springfield, Missouri

4 Hour Event Time


8 Hour Event Time


Within 51 to 100 miles of Springfield, Missouri

4 Hour Event Time


8 Hour Event Time