Civilian Training

The need now exists for you to prepare, train, and survive a life-threatening confrontation or shooting event. Train and experience our Mobile MILO Range Pro Simulator, using real Glock 17s, modified with lasers. Hundreds of skill builders and realistic scenarios on a life-size screen. The skill builders help to increase your target identification to shoot more accurately and each scenario puts you right there — to train if or when you should shoot. Recognizing threats and reacting or not reacting decisively.

Our debriefings are essential to help you recognize a threat and decide if you should get involved or not. Your number one priority in a human confrontation is to survive, so why not safely train and make your mistakes on a simulator and not in real life.

For some people, it will even help them decide if they want to carry at all!

The scenarios can be so dramatic that some of our clients have even left the room to gain control of their emotions.

The possible ramifications from a shooting event in America are traumatic, legally expensive, financially dangerous, psychologically damaging, and stay in your memory for your lifetime.

Remember: Your shooting event does not end when the last round leaves your gun barrel — it has just begun.


WARNING! Some scenarios can cause past experiences to reappear and cause distress.

MILO Skill Builders


  • Accuracy
  • Judgement
  • Target Identification
  • Confidence
  • Response Time

Skill builders can also be used to compete and to lower their stress factor


  • You are not helpless!
  • Have an exit plan after a threat
  • You have a right to defend yourself or others to preserve life
  • Have a code word for family members
  • If you have a safe room, fortify the door so it can’t be easily broken in
  • For young children, have them memorize the address because they may have to be the one to call 911
  • Be careful about shooting through a door because it could be the police
  • Tell the intruder “You have a gun”, “You will shoot”, it could scare the intruder off
  • Put a security sign outside the house, big dog bowls, something to make someone think twice about breaking in your house
  • Police-strength pepper spray

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