The need for CHURCH SECURITY has been evolving since the end of last century.  In today’s world here in America in the 21st century CHURCH SECURITY has been developing into a new profession and a vital defensive need for the safety of church leaders, employees, and members.  We have seen that no church is infallible, no matter the size, or location.  CHURCH SECURITY decreases the risk factors, deters an unknown number of potential violent incidents, but like any other preparation action, it will never be 100% protection.  Church leaders and protection professionals are now aware of this developing new profession and new training.  Exciting new defensive tools are being sought to assist in delivering the most up-to-date realistic and dramatic training experiences available for those WARRIORS who are called to make it their mission to protect those who want to worship.

The Milo Range Simulator is one of those perfect defensive training tools for the early part of the 21st century. If you want the experience of having a violent attacker with a face and voice pictured in a church setting, running at you with a knife screaming,  or shooting at you with a gun or rifle, in a most realistic delivery instead of looking at non-intimidating paper or steel target, check out our Milo Range training.  The only way it gets more real is for the attack to be real life in real time. Where do you want to make your mistakes?  In the sanctuary with hundreds of people in your background, or in front of the Milo Range screen where you have no worries about the criminal, civil, financial, or psychological ramifications that follow a shooting incident.  PREPARE-TRAIN-SURVIVE.

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